2 years ago

Caring for your dental implants


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth or to hold a denture in place to increase utility and comfort. Not everyone with missing teeth can use dental implants. Treating your implant well requires some special techniques and efforts to keep the implant free of dental plaque and to be clean. The plaque may cause infection in the tissues around the implant.

One should follow all the instructions given by your dentist and dental hygienist. This is necessary in the early post-operative phase to speed healing and avoid infection. Good oral hygiene is must and use of tobacco products should strictly be avoided.

Once the healing is complete, the dental implants requires thorough and regular care. Your dentist will give you instruction in the various techniques that are needed for the care and maintenance. It is important to practice these instructions and to use the best quality cleaning aids to assist in the process. He will also advise you of the frequency of which they will need to review your implant health. A small number of dental implants can develop peri-implantitis which is an infection of the tissues. This is usually caused by inadequate cleaning and the build-up of dental plaque. Regular check-ups will help avoid peri-implantitis and the possible complete failure of the implant.

Caring for dental implants is just like caring for your natural teeth: brush, floss and follow check-ups, as scheduled. Additional cleaning aids also may be needed to help you keep your teeth healthy at home.

One important point worth mentioning is avoiding using teeth as tools. Lot of people rely on their teeth for a number of odd jobs: to tear open a packet of chips, uncap a bottle or take out the price tag off a piece of clothing. This can be hard on your teeth and a starting factor for teeth problems, traumatizing them or causing the edge of a weakened tooth to chip off or even break.

Last but not the least - Replacement teeth can't get teeth problems like cavities, they are subject to the same wear-and-tear as natural teeth. Well fit and cared dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime.

2 years ago

Portable faucet-Your travel companion

~~One very interesting product I came across was the portable faucet. A much needed product in a lot of countries where availability of clean water is an issue.

There are multiple uses for a product like this. It can be used to wash one's face or private parts for hygiene where water pollution is an issue. This product is best suited for people who love camping or travelling to mountains or remote areas. The best part is that it can fit any water bottle of any size and you are ready to go within seconds.

The other good thing about the product is that it can be reused and it is something which doesn't deteriorate with time.

A very convenient little travel buddy. So just buy it once and you are all set to go forever!


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Orthopedic slippers benefits.

~~Orthopedic slippers are used both by men and women. The slippers provide arch support for the feet. They can be worn at home or at work. They are usually very comfortable to wear and do not hurt the feet. The whole purpose of these slippers is to provide you comfort and help in you be in the right posture. 

There are many therapeutic and orthopedic benefits of these slippers if worn for a long time. They provide support on the arch which is very essential for a right posture and to avoid the back pain or knee pain. The normal shoes that we wear are not very effective when we have back pain or knee pain. Orthopedic slippers are made of materials that are feet friendly. Women slippers have a variety of designs, styles and sizes that are designed to fit a lot of women.

It all started about 90 years back when many shoe manufacturers began manufacturing “corrective” shoes with built-in features that were orthotic, for preventing, relieving or curing a wide range of foot disorders and thus the awareness for such kind of shoes started. Some companies use traditional Chinese or traditional Japanese designs.

Orthopedic slippers designed for men are also usually comforting and relaxing. They use the same materials as those of women and are designed to fit the men's shoe size and foot shape. It is usually a material that breathes easily and therefore does not allow moisture accumulation. Some are even water resistant slippers. The chances of having smelly or sweaty feet are therefore drastically less. They protect, give comfort and support the feet. These orthotic slippers are ergonomically designed with stabilizing in-sole and super comfortable sole. They are made to give enough room for the feet, especially around the toe area. Skin irritation and formation of blister doesn't happen. They are highly recommended by podiatrists especially after operations.

The slippers provide a lot of comfort to the feet especially during the healing process and also help reduce straining the joints at the ankles, knees, hips help in back pain. They are light in weight, have comforting padding and they do not restrict the flow of blood around the feet. Orthotic custom shoes have therefore helped to maintain good health amongst its wearers as well as making them look elegant.

Orthopedic slippers are a great product to use in solving feet problems.

2 years ago

Dental care for your baby

~~Did you ever wonder whether your child is getting good dental care? It is necessary that dental care is given high priority for maintaining complete health of your baby. High standards of mom and baby hygiene should be followed to ensure good health of both.

A good baby toothbrush is needed along with a fluoride free baby toothpaste as the baby is unable to spit the toothpaste. Also the brush should be soft to not hurt the gums of the baby.

It is essential, that parents should carefully clean teeth of their baby/child until they are able to do it themselves. Hence, it is recommended to choose baby toothbrush with a stable handle that the parents can hold comfortably. Soft / chewy baby toothbrush of silicone available in the market should not be used as they can damage baby's gums.

The most appropriate way to brush a baby is to put them on a table in a lying down position and place their head in such a manner that will give you control over the head movement. You can also lay them on your lap if that is better. You should hold the face around chin and cheeks to gain control. You can also pull the lips to be able to see the teeth and tongue properly. You should ensure each teeth has been cleaned properly by brushing the teeth with short movements. This will ensure that bristles reach the teeth as well as the gums. This pattern should be followed each day to maintain oral hygiene and good dental care. You will only need a small amount of baby toothpaste - around the size of baby's finger nail.

There are various mom and baby products available in the market which are not usually the best ones for you and your baby. Do your due diligence and then invest in the baby products that are required for baby's health and hygiene.

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Deodorize your feet!!

Odour in feet is a big social embarrassment.I have seen a lot of people who attract a lot of negative attention by removing the shoes.

One day I found a great site that caters to unique hygiene products and I found personal care stuff at awesome prices.

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Daily application of the Neat Feat Foot & Shoe Powder reduces foot perspiration within the shoe, preventing growth of fungus. Your shoes will stay odour free for longer period of time. Powder includes antiperspirants that helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. Special antifungal ingredient eliminates foot odour. Can be used on feet, in shoes or in socks